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Artist’s Statement

My art practice explores the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of the complicated and awe-inspiring world we live in – whether through religion, philosophy or science. This tension is expressed in the materials used, whether taut threads of yarn in Between Materials and Mechanisms, (2016), like a loom under tension, or unravelling structures in Indevelopment, (2008).

The work uses the language of textiles. This manifests in the tension across fibres to maintain their structures; small vessels like baskets which nurture, contain and hold; fabric and yarn folding, wrapping, (as captured in the Baroque, such as Bernini’s statue of St Theresa of Avila); knots, such as in large undulating fishing nets, unravelling as tensions dissipate. The work reveals the dynamic complexities of life’s entanglements through abstract drawings and sculptures.

The use of textiles and everyday materials aligns with my interest in womanhood. Drawings of ribbons, such as in the Belief Series, (2020). They are intentionally feminine; embracing this delicate, subtle strength. I take inspiration from powerful and pioneering women who inhabit these qualities.

I draw on philosophies and stories, whether from science, statistics or histories of women in the Catholic church. I excavate alternative stories about knowledge assumptions, and challenging us to ask questions, and embrace positive change.

Art practice: Interviews, text and film

Interview for Degree Show Catalogue, Leeds University (page 13 – 15)
What is Drawing For? Loughborough University Drawing Journal. An essay by Elizabeth Murton
Core Gallery Interview Series by Chantelle Purcell, A Theory of Everything Exhibition

This film was created in 2016 by R&A Collaborations as part of the  Arts Council Funded Between Materials and Mechanisms project.

This cross disciplinary project explored notions of connective tissue – in the body and gallery space – through the language of textiles. Inviting us to think again about this often overlooked but essential fibre, and also asking how it might relate to architecture and the spaces we inhabit.

I have been a practicing artist since graduating from Goldsmiths in 2006.  I am interested in the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of the complex and entangled world we live in – hence working on cross-disciplinary, art-science projects as well as residencies and exhibitions. I work in a creative and dynamic way –  researching, drawing, crafting materials, talking with project partners and engaging people through events.


Current and News

2023- Weaving The Universe, performance Lecture, ALL Tenth. Quip&Curiosity, Cambridge

2023- EOP Summer Camp Exhibition, Birmingham

2023 – Expanded Weaving workshops across the UK


2001 – 2002 Psychology and Italian (120 credits) Lancaster University

2003 – 2006 BA Textiles, Visual Arts (Hons) Goldsmiths College, University of London

2011 – Modern Philosophy module, Birkbeck, University of London

Select Exhibitions and Commissions

2023 – Spaces, Places curated by NOHAT, Letchworth Broadway

2022 – Fluid Time, Mill Green Museum, Hertfordshire

2019 – 1 of 9 cross-disciplinary artist/researcher projects selected for Stage 1 funding: Trellis UCL

2019 – Weaving Worlds, Artist and The Machine Day, Barbican

2017 – Laboratory of Dark Matters, art-science project, Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum

2017 – Laboratory of Dark Matters, art-science project, Guest Projects, Hackney

2016 – Solo show, Between Materials and Mechanisms, Art and Design Gallery, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

2015 – A Letter in Mind, The National Brain Appeal, Oxo Tower, London

2015 – Structure, Texture, Future, The Nunnery Gallery, London

2015 – Common Bodies, East Street Arts, Leeds

2014 – Art Language Location Festival, Cambridge University, Cambridge

2013 – Cross-disciplinary group show: A Matter of Substance, APT Gallery, Deptford

2012 – Selected for Dangerous Curves Ahead, Bow Arts Open, Bermondsey Project, London

2012 – Commission: Historic Royal Palaces, Inter-generational Project, Wapping

2011 – Group exhibition: Drawing Connections Siena Arts Institute, Siena, Italy

2011 – Lead artist cross-disciplinary exhibition: A Theory of Everything, Core Gallery, Deptford

2010 – Commission: ‘Can’ (Adaptation), for Deptford X Gallery Plots, London SE

2010 – Group exhibition: At Play, South Hill Park, Berkshire

2009 – Commission ‘Module’ for Crafts Council, Origin, Somerset House, London

2008 – Group show Effuse: ‘Indevelopment’ & ‘Spin Bang’, Constance Howard Gallery, London

2007 – Residency exhibition: Rules & Regs, The Maltings, Farnham, Surrey

2007 – Group exhibition At Play, South Hill Park, Berkshire

2006 – The Textile Collective group show: Truman Brewery, London


2022 – Residency, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks, Kent

2015-16 –UH Galleries, University of Hertfordshire

2007 – Rules and Regs, Farnham Maltings, Farnham, Surrey


2021 – 2022 – Developing your Creative Practice Grant, Arts Council England

2016 – Grants for the Arts Funding, Arts Council England

2013 – a-n The Artists Information Company Re:View Bursary

Select Talks and Seminars

2019 – Lecture and Tutorials, School of Creative Arts, University of Hertfordshire

2017 – Talk, Cultures Combine: Art and Science, Royal Institution, London

2016 – Artist Talk, University of Hertfordshire

2015 – Artist Talk, Sevenoaks Visual Arts Forum, Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks

2012 – Artist Talk, Goldsmiths College, New Cross, London

2011 – Lead Artist Talk, ‘A Theory of Everything’ Core Gallery, London

2010 – The Drawing Experiment, Core Gallery, London

2009 – Master Class, Somerset House, London

Facilitation and Chairing

2020 + Facilitating Crits for ARTQUEST London

2020 – Mindful drawing workshops, Herts

2018 – Facilitator, Contemporary Arts Research Group event, University of Hertfordshire

2017 – Chair, Institute of Physics Event, Whitby Museum, UK

2017 – Chair, LabTalk+ Symposium, Laboratory of Dark Matters, Guest Projects

2015 – Bow Arts Professional Development Programme: Bow Skills Lab, chairing Galleries and Curators Panel with representatives from White Cube, Sunday Painters, Zabludowicz Collection and Crafts Council

2015 – Chair discussion event, academic/artist residency with Birkbeck College

2007 – present, Engine ChatChat peer crit, currently resident at Bow Arts and SVAF

2011 – 2012 Co-founder and chair of cross-disciplinary discussion forum ideas-matter-sphere


2020 – Text for Artist Catalogue, Green/blue, University of Hertfordshire

2015 – Artist Blog,

2012 – a-n online news, conference report: Arts Education in England Under Scrutiny

2007 – Essay ‘What is Drawing For? Loughborough University Drawing Journal


2013 – Interview for Degree Show Catalogue, Leeds University

2012 – an-magazine, April 2012, Artist’s Interview on OpenAIR

2012 – Research paper: At Play: Curatorial Notes about Playfulness, by Cally Trench & Dr Outi Remes

2011 – Core Gallery Interview Series by Chantelle Purcell, ‘A Theory of Everything Exhibition’

2009 – Financial Times, How to Spend it, article by Emma Crichton-Miller

2007 – BBC Berks Breakfast Show, interview live in studio

Bringing People Together

I have extensive facilitation and chairing experience, and am available to chair events. 

I am a member of an- The Artist Information Company, St Albans Artists Reading Group, and Complex Multiplicity – New Materialisms Reading group in London.


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