Giant Weave, 2005

Size – variable

poly-cotton and polyester fabric, thread

Giant Weave is a weave performance which involves participants working together to weave a piece of fabric through their physical movements. The fabric is woven from strips of fabric held by the participants.

At Goldsmiths College, the artist would want to draw and capture the loom in process, as much as weave from it. It is the process of weaving that inspired the piece, the artist is fascinated by the shapes and structures that were formed as the lines of yarn move through the mechanism of the loom. Creating order from chaos, something from nothing – alchemy.

Giant Weave is a performance that enlarges the scale of weaving, and through the participants the repetition and rhythm, shapes and movements are emphasized. Giant Weave takes the process of weaving off the loom and turns it into something spectacular to be celebrated.