Ecologies and new materialisms

I have always been concerned with our relationship with our surroundings, our environment and how we use the materials around us. When I was younger, I would sigh with relief if we were driving under a canopy of trees, so they could absorb the pollution from cars.

I am conscious of where things go when we throw them away, and how quickly materials can build up. This led to using newspapers in artwork such as Indevelopment (2008) and reusing tin cans in Space to be able (2010). Both works highlight materials in different ways – the former draws attention to something tipping out of control – consumption perhaps? Space to be able (2010) a new space is formed that you can enter into – where you are immersed in a forest of cans.

It is fascinating how materials can be transformed and have the potential to become something else – everything is in a process of change. Vitally, things are all changing in relation to each other – we are all part of the ecologies we live with in; we influence them and they influence us. We are all connected.

In 2016 I started a reading group with other artists where we read texts reflecting ecologies and new materialisms. Over the years we have read Donna Haraway, Jane Bennett, Timothy Morton and many more. I share books and reflections via my newsletter, so please subscribe if you want to know more.