Murton has become interested in the role of weaving as a key part of ancient society: connecting people, the ‘nature’ and creativity. This residency and exhibition investigates wider ideas of ‘weaving’, as embodying transformation, connectivity and, more widely, as an ecosystem that folds in aspects of the environment, society and, as with all systems, a dynamic, delicate balance that exists within.

Murton has been experimenting with warp weighted looms. This ancient technology uses stone or ceramic weights to weigh down the warp threads, and to see how this ancient technology can lend itself to contemporary sculpture. The artist has been learning ceramic techniques and looking at histories and mythology around weaving to inspire her sculptural forms.

The artist will be experimenting in the large space to test sculptural configurations, and explore how different elements, such as sound, could become part of an ever changing installation.

The images are works in progress

Artist Elizabeth Murton returns for the second part of her residency in November 2022 to share project progress and continue developing artwork in the gallery.

Elizabeth Murton’s residency has been made possible thanks to Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice Fund.

Artwork: is work in progress Photography: Rob Harris