Spirit Mother 2020

wood, gold paint, jute, silk, cotton, wire

23cm x 30.5cm

A small basket is buried within blue silk, the fabric seems to be in a state of flow. Colours of blue and gold could suggest water and sand, or women in western religious paintings such as Mary, draped in cloth, caring for her son.

Baskets contain and hold, enable things to be carried. An ancient tool and common modern artefact. Spirit Mother was created during the pandemic whilst we were all at home. We were all nestled in our bubbles, some lucky enough to be held by others, by themselves, by the moment. This nurturing, feminine spirit – holding us together.

Theses works are created under tension, they are not static works but held in a process.

This works are part of the artists interest in textile structures, rhythms and processes, find out more here.