Time will tell if it has taken form, 2021

29.5 x 21 cm

pencil, watercolour, watercolour pencil on claire fontaine paper* (acid free, PEFC)

Things* are in constant flux –
and refolding.

We are all now, in a big societal change – with the pandemic speeding up our use of technology (for example) and we don’t know yet how things will

Inspired by stories of women who ‘held it together’ through adversity and how their stories continue to change in history. Using textile metaphor, materiality, a sense of movement and change – I distilled a sense of soft power, strength and change from my reading into the compositions.

The drawings initially came through thinking about influences on me as a child. I thought about the women we are are told about in Catholicism – and what there real stories might be – Mary (Jesus’s mother) Mary Magdalene and the story of St Teresa of Avila.