Under language, 2010

Music manuscript, computer error code, fine-liner pens

60cm x 21cm approx

After being given music manuscript paper which contained an error, the artist drew intuitively to create additional layers of pattern, where one is cut and one is coloured. Underneath this a piece of paper that contained code from an erroneous printed page. This is one of many works where artists seeks out the potential in materials to become something else, especially those deemed as ‘waste materials’.

The combination of marks and paper reference the artist’s interest in how human’s have developed sophisticated ways to interpret marks to have meaning, especially in the case of written language. The different layers could be interpreted as containing obscure meaning, or be written in an unknown language. The artwork is reminiscent of Murton’s interest in John Cage’s Fontana Mix (1958) which inspired the installation Indevelopment, 2007. Cage provided separate transparencies of lines, dots and a grid, by overlaying these at random, they provide a set of rules to make music by.