Space to be able, 2010

260 cm x 190 cm
reused cans, wire, felt, blackout fabric, wadding, chipboard, wood, fixings

In Space to be able (2010) lines of cans act as threads together creating a wall of fabric that hangs off a circular structure. The 1004 cans are all re-used, mostly collected from a recycling centre and cleaned by the artist. The structure is formed by an everyday waste material in multiple – highlighting the potential of materials to transform a space and be transformed.

The installation is a sensory environment that appeals to sound and touch: creating a separate, atmospheric space within the gallery. Whilst the installation is noisy to put up, once constructed the cans gently move together – echoing the gentle sound of bamboo forests. The light is reminiscent of walking through trees, as it diffracts through the gaps in the cans. By asking visitors to remove their shoes and step onto the soft, fabric floor the experience creates a separate, calming and grounding space where the senses to the environment are heightened.

Find out more about inspiration behind this work here.